About Us

Kenzie Lane Florals is a boutique floral studio based on the sunny Central Coast. From creating bespoke arrangements for weddings and events, through to hand-delivering bunches on days that demand beautiful blooms (Mother’s Day, Valentines, you know the drill), we ensure your treasured special occasions are beautifully botanical. Hand picking all flowers means they’re fresh and long-lasting, and our tailored approach to each of our clients sees unique florals be the perfect backdrop or take centre stage in the best way possible. We would love to bring your floral dreams to life.

Q&A with the owner

After studying floristry in 2019, Ishbel MacKenzie merged her natural talent and refined skills to bring Kenzie Lane Florals to the flower lovers of the Central Coast.

How did you get into the industry?
I was gifted a floristry course for my 21st birthday and I was HOOKED. I really fell into the creativity of it… my mum was a landscaper and a horticulturalist, so I grew up surrounded by plants and nature and being encouraged to stop and appreciate the natural environment. It really just felt right.

What’s your favourite flower?
I can’t go past a big bunch of peonies. That sweet spot in the year where they’re in bloom and you see people scrambling to enjoy their delicate layered petals, I love it. Though, my absolute favourite is hydrangea. They remind me of my grandma – she had heaps growing in her back yard. We were never allowed to pick them, just look.

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had with Kenzie Lane Florals so far?
It would have to be the first wedding I did. I was still studying and working late shifts in a bar. I was so nervous, waking up constantly through the night, going over and over everything I needed to do the next morning. It wasn’t even a huge wedding, I just wanted it to be perfect. I redid the hair pieces six times, delivered the bride her blooms then had a shower and worked at the bar until 2am. I was so tired and so emotional but when I saw the wedding photos I knew it was all worth it.